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aardraa serves community Better!

aardraa is a social business which provides natural organic Himalayan foods grown in the Central Himalayan terrain amidst pure air, water and soil of Kumaon, Uttarakhand. The crops are grown by the hill farmers in their small and marginal farms consciously with their traditional methods and a whole lot of love. Our conscious consumers buy these foods at fair pricesby paying a premium which goes into the communal funds of aardraa trust.

aardraa trust is a developmental trust formed and run by these farmers for their community development work in the villages. Trust has its partnership with aardraa, making them our shareholders, according to which aardraa share its profit with the trust. Developmental work is decided by the community/trust members themselves according to their needs unlike other developmental work.

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Himalayan regions haven’t seen their share of development for many years despite high hopes from their natural resources. The development inequality between plain and hill regions have reached so high that 1,048 odd villages in the hills have turned into ghost villages.
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Get 100% natural Himalayan crops grown at an altitude rich in nutrient soil under purest water and air and at the same time give 40% profit margin to the farmer plus a 15% premium to the local community to tackle social problems, improve people’s lives, support communities and help the environment.
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Tata Institute of social sciences, TISS, and DBS-TISS incubation centre is our partner for providing us the incubation and technical knowledge for the initiative.
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DBS Foundation is our funding partner for the initiative.
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