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Food from various Kumaon Valleys

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100% natural and organic

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Honest price and premium to the community

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Community empowerment & development

Know your farmer community.

Organic Himalayan farming
Ethical Post Production
Community Supply side integration


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Transparent Price
Premium for Communal Funds
Community Empowerment

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Where does aardraa crop come from?

aardraa crops come from different Himalayan valleys which are best suited for the particular crop that is grown there. This makes the crop rich in minerals and nutrients and also gives the crop, one of its kinds, rich taste. The crops are grown 100% organically by the small and marginal farmers using their traditional methods of farming. They don't use any machinery and completely farm with their hands from production to post-harvest using their own home-made organic manure. On top of this, the natural virgin environment with its purest air, water and atmosphere conserves the naturalness and divinity of the crops, making them rarest of the rare crops to be found in the market.
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How does communal fund get utilised?

The premium paid by the conscious consumers and the 1% aardraa profit goes to the communal funds of the farmers’ trust(aardraa trust) which are used in their community development for better living conditions and facilities like proper roads, education, health etc. Every village community receive their fund according to the amount of crop sold by them. This fund is then utilized according to the community needs which are decided democratically through voting by the community itself. We believe that this entire process makes the community and the individuals self-sufficient and truly empowered.
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