Why every gym-goer should include Himalayan Raw Honey in their work-out meals?


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Nowadays, Gym and work-outs are not entitled to athletes and body builders only, but has come out as a popular sport to keep oneself active and healthy. But, are we sporting it as an athlete? Do we follow their methods?

For most of us, answer to the above questions would be No and that is the reason we get exhausted and feel burnt-out after our work-outs instead. What is the secret of these athletes to keep coming to their work-out more energized? It is the diet and food that they take before, during and after their routine and one of them is Honey and more specifically Raw Honey.

Now, earlier athletes didn’t have sports gel, energy drink and electrolyte to keep their body performing and most of them relied on raw honey for their source of energy and nutrition. Science has also proved that honey maintains the glycogen levels in the body, which is used to sustain the energy levels by not using muscle glycogens. So, taking honey as a pre-work-out or during work-outs can be used to avoid fatigue and exhaustion during or after your work-outs.

The problem with other carbohydrate rich refuels is the hypoglycaemia cycle involve with it. Carbohydrates during or after work-outs are readily absorbed by the body, which spikes the blood sugar level instantaneously and then drops it off suddenly leading to hypoglycaemia which could lead to loss of consciousness and seizures.

Honey has low glycemic index making it the best alternative to carbohydrate for recovery which is important to replenish the body after work-outs and exercises. Have a banana with almond butter and Himalayan Raw Honey to experience it yourself pre or post-workout. Or, simply take one tbsp. of honey during your wok-out.

As I have explained it before, how Himalayan Raw honey is the best Raw Honey you could find in the market right now which is sourced from different valleys in Uttarakhand. It is recommended that you use Himalayan Raw Honey for the best results.

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